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Who may adopt?
1. A husband and wife jointly 
2. Step-parent
3. Single Adult

Who must consent to an adoption?
Minors over the age of 12 and adults that are being adoption generally must give consent before the adoption can take place, however, in some circumstances consent can be waived.


Is a Home Study Necessary?
Yes, an accessor will come the prospective adoptive parent(s) and make a report that will be submitted to the court. The fees for the home study are substantial and vary from couty-to-county.


Must I Appear in Court?
Yes. It is mandatory, whether adopting through an agency, or independently, that the person adopting and the child or children sought to be adopted appear before the Probate Court for the final hearing.

Is there a difference between public and private adoptions?

Adoptions can either happen through an Ohio County's family services or through a private agency.  Private agencies typically handle adoptions that in which the birth parent(s) of the child give their voluntary consent for the child to be adopted.  Public agency adoptions typically deal with situations in which the child in foster care and the parental rights have been completely severed. Private adoptions almost always include substantial fees as opposed to public agency adoptions which can be relatively inexpensive.


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