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Military Pro Bono & Discount Prgram - M&N implements pro bono military divorce program in Greene County, Ohio.



Family Law Blog Launch - M&N launches new Ohio Family Blawg.


Dayton Divorce Help is brought to you by the law firm of Morrison & Nicholson located in Dayton, Ohio. When you’re faced with the overwhelming challenge of dividing personal, family and business assets along with having to deal with complex child custody issues, you need someone to protect your interests and achieve a favorable resolution. The first step in protecting your rights is to become familier with the general court process of your family law issue.


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Divorce and family law issues are private and sensitive matters. Each client's situation is unique and fact-specific, therefore, no single approach is right for everyone. We strive to guide the client in selecting the approach that will best meet both the client's particular interests and those of the children. Click below for more information about Morrison & Nicholson's practice areas.

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In Ohio, child support is allocated according to a formula established by the legislature. However, even with having familiarity with the standard formula, establishing or modifying child support can still be complicated. At Morrison & Nicholson, we help clients establish, modify & enforce their child support award by analyzing their situation in light of Ohio's child support formula and guidelines. For more information on these guidelines, or about child support, contact the family law attorneys at Morrison & Nicholson for a free consultation.

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Whether you are trying to adopt a family member's child with their consent or adopting a child that is a resident of another country, bringing a new child into your family through adoption can be wonderfully rewarding. Unfortunately, the legal process is often convoluted, complicated and difficult to navigate. We will protect your interests and guide you through the adoption process. There are several types of adoptions in Ohio, click on any of the images below to find out more.


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